How to Set Up Banners and Text Links

Banners are simply images that are clickable. When a user clicks a Banner that’s posted on an Affiliate’s website, they’ll be redirected to your website where they’ll hopefully make a purchase.

We recommend including several different types of Banners in your Creative Inventory. For example, you can include Banners that display:

  • Your company logo

  • Lifestyle images

  • Best-selling products

  • Specific sales/deals

The more Banners you can provide to your Affiliates the better, because different Affiliates may want different types of Banners. An Affiliate may even reach out to you directly and request that a certain Banner be set up for them with specific dimensions to best fit their website. There are no limits/restrictions related to the number of Banners you can set up or the dimensions of your Banners. We do recommend that your image files for your Banners do not exceed 1 MB.

Check out our blog to review common Banner sizes and types that Merchants typically utilize:

Both static and animated images (GIF) may be used for your Banners, if you'd like. Generally, one doesn't work better than the other, but including both types of Banners will provide more options for your Affiliates based on their preferences.

You can set up Banners here.


Text Links are simply text that's clickable, as opposed to Banners which are images that are clickable. Text Links and Banners function exactly the same in that an Affiliate will promote a Banner or Text Link on their website, and when a customer clicks the link they'll be redirected to your website. Text Links are typically used by Affiliates that have more copy-heavy websites, and want to include a link that will seamlessly fit within their copy. Text Links are also very useful in promoting a certain product or deal, as you can include a brief product description and/or CTA that can be used as a clickable link. We’ve provided a couple examples of Text Links below:

  1. Product 'A' on sale now. Click Here!

  2. Get 20% off Product 'B'. Shop Now!

You can set up Text Links here.


We recommend that Merchants include a variety of Banners and Text Links in their Creative Inventories in order to give their Affiliates flexibility in terms of the types of links they're able to promote.


As a reminder, once you've uploaded Banners/Text Links for your affiliate program your Affiliates will have the ability to generate their own unique tracking links associated with these Creatives from within their accounts. They can do so by following these steps:


  2. Click the green 'GET LINKS' button listed to the right of your affiliate program

  3. Once they’ve clicked ‘GET LINKS’ they’ll be redirected to your Creative Inventory where they can review your available Creatives

  4. Once they’ve found the Creative they’d like to promote they’ll click 'Get HTML Code' to the right of the applicable Creative to display their unique tracking link. They can also click 'Select URL Only' to display their unique tracking link in a simple URL format