How to Create Short Links

Whether it is a specific category, product, or promotional page on a Merchant website, the goal of any affiliate marketer is to direct your audience to the most relevant information in hopes of influencing them to make a purchase. With the ShareASale Custom Link tool, affiliates aren’t restricted to the premade links within the interface. This tool gives the option to create custom affiliate links for a Merchant and to hand-pick the landing page.

After finding your desired landing page, simply copy and paste it into our Custom Link Generator and click “Create Custom Link.” This will spit out a custom URL which you can easily copy and paste into a blog post. 

To use in social posts, hit “Get Short Link” and it will give you a link perfect for any place where characters matter!

*PRO TIP: Add the optional tracking value to help you track the success of campaigns, such as all links in a “giftguides2018” series.


Product Discovery Bookmarklet

Another easy way to create short links is through our bookmarklet tool, which allows affiliates to get short links on the fly!

Similar to the custom link generator, find the page that you’d like to direct your readers to and click our bookmarklet tool (you must previously add to browser’s bookmark bar). The Product Discovery Tool will pop up with tons of options to customize your desired affiliate link. At the top right, you’ll find the License Plate Link option. Click “Create” and viola – your short link!

Why create your own links?

If you can’t find a link within the Merchant’s creative inventory, then the custom link generator is the perfect solution. It also allows you to personalize the link to a specific page – or deep link. Deep linking is a proven way to increase Affiliate sales. The more directly you help readers land on a specific page, the easier it is going to be for them to purchase a product.

When creating your custom links, be sure to use deep linking as much as possible to help shape your readers’ click path. Besides specific product pages, other places to direct your readers to could be category pages if you think they’d appreciate seeing various options in the same product category, or even seasonal product pages

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