Using Shortened Affiliate Links on Instagram

According to TechCrunch, there are 700 million active users on Instagram. That’s double the size of Twitter. And Instagram continues to grow.

Bloggers are flocking to Instagram as another source to share their stories and amazing photographs, and of course, a method to drive traffic to their blog posts.

We are happy to report that Instagram can also host ShareASale Affiliate links! As with any other links, they often work best in the description of the profile section. This is perfect for bloggers who often find themselves featuring their favorite products within Instagram post, hoping to earn a commission.


Follow the instructions below to add a shortened Affiliate link to your Instagram profile:

  1. Create a Custom Link from within your ShareASale Affiliate account. Hover over ‘Links’ then ‘Create a Custom Link.’ For this example, I’m going to use the ‘Map Out of It!’ necklace from ModCloth. 

Full URL:

Short Link:

I selected ModCloth from the dropdown menu, and entered in the destination URL, or the product page that I want my followers to be directed to. I then selected ‘Yes’ to create the shortened link for my Instagram profile.


Pro Tip: If you want to easily track your hits and sales from the links you’ll be posting on Instagram, be sure to add in an afftrack parameter! Learn more about afftrack here.


2. Go to your Instagram profile page and select ‘Edit Profile’ to change the link in your bio. Insert your shortened Affiliate link under your username and hit ‘Done.’


3. Upload the picture, description and relevant hashtags that you’d like to use to point people in the direction of your Affiliate link in your next post. 


Pro Tip: Instagram traffic slightly spikes on Mondays!

Now, you have a great looking post, and you can keep that link in your bio for as long as you need!


A few other general tips for your Instagram profile:

  • Post 1 quality picture daily 

  • Find your own personal style

  • If you’d like to be contacted by brands, include your email in your bio

  • Check trending topics and link back to relevant posts in your bio with proper hashtags

  • Ask other bloggers to do an Instagram takeover to extend your reach

  • Focus on one brand or product at a time


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