Best Practices for Custom Linking

Whether it is a specific category, product, or promotion page on a Merchant website, the goal is to direct your audience to the most relevant information to create action or drive a purchase. The ShareASale Custom Link tool will provide the option to create links for a Merchant and select the landing page you would like to direct your audience to!

The Custom Link tool allows you to create License Plate Links, which are shortened URL’s for your social media platforms. License Plate Links also come with the optional Social Sharing Function that is designed as a “social toolbar” to help users share their links in a viral manner.

Affiliates are able to use the Custom Link Tool to use an afftrack= portion to the code to include Affiliate Defined Tracking strings.

Learn “how to” create a custom link HERE and find best practices in implementing the custom links on your website and social media below!

Deep Linking to Category or Product Pages

Sending prospects to just the right web page eliminates 25% of all lost sales, resulting in higher commission.

Mick Kitor

Deep linking has been proven to increase Affiliate sales as the viewer is directed to a specific page on a Merchant website that will provide all of the necessary information to convert to a sale. Create a deep link using the Custom Link tool by providing a URL leading customers to an exact page other than the homepage.

As the primary information provider on a topic, create links that will add substance and shape the readers click-path to the most relevant content or products. Link to a destination with a low-bounce rate, such as category pages, or direct the reader to a specific product page as to increase the conversion rate!

TIP: Each Affiliate’s strategy will differ depending on the audience and topic, although one method should be universal for increased engagement – reference relevant articles from YOUR website! Decrease the exit rate and expose Affiliates to even more content.

Facebook Tip: Allow the image to do the talking – get to the point and decrease characters using a ShareASale License Plate Link!

Not only will shortened links host tracking information for you to assess the effectiveness of your tweets, but they also appear much cleaner in a tweet.

Anum Hussain

Twitter Tip: Use the ShareASale License Plate Link option to create a shortened URL! In addition, the extra character space allows your followers to retweet without eliminating any text.

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