Integrating Affiliate Links in Social Media

License Plate Links!

License Plate Links are basically shortened custom URLs (hence the name License Plate) that are meant to be used in a social media environment where every character counts!

Now – It’s just four simple steps to create your very own custom link (aka license plate link) for easy social media sharing.

  1. Choose Merchant

  2. Choose Destination URL (where do you want your follower to land on the Merchant site?)

  3. Create Custom Link

  4. Get Short Link



And if you activate the social sharing functions, when a viewer clicks on the link, the landing page will look something like this…


Social Sharing Functions are neat because:

  • It can be re-tweeted

  • Shared on Facebook

  • Shared via Email

  • You can see how many people have viewed this page, from this link.

  • Viewers can like (or dislike) the page

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