Non-Tracked Orders

Non-tracked orders can happen from time-to-time for a variety of reasons. Should you come across an order that did not track to your ShareASale account you can submit a Non-Tracked Order Inquiry for the merchant to review and then potentially award you commission for the sale.

To submit the Non-Tracked Order Inquiry:

Navigate to Payments > Non-Tracked Order Inquiry

Input the required information, including selecting the merchant, order date, order time, order number, and (optional) order amount for the sale that did not track

Input the remaining information, including the date the link or banner generating the sale was clicked (required), banner displayed in selection (optional), page the banner was located on (optional), etc.

Provide as much information as possible for the merchant to reference in reviewing this order to reward you credit.

*the HREF value will be the raw link associated with the creative

Then you can review the information before formally submitting the inquiry.

Submitting this inquiry automatically generates tickets for the merchant to prompt the merchant to review the request. It is ultimately up to the merchant to review the inquiry and credit you with the sale. For questions regarding the status of the review or the decision of the review, you will need to reach out to the merchant directly. You can contact merchants by going to Account > Manage/Leave Programs.

For questions about submitting the inquiry, please reach out to our support team at

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