GTM Tracking Setup

Conversion Tracking Pixel Installation

Create a tag to implement your ShareASale conversion pixel (triggered to fire on your thank you page). Modify this as a custom image tag.

Replace the XXXXX in the pixel below with your ShareASale Merchant ID. You can find this at the top-left of your ShareASale account when you are logged in.

Conversion Pixel Tag:{{transactionSubtotal}}&v=gtm_1.0&tracking={{transactionID}}&transtype=sale&merchantID=XXXXX

This will pass click data set in the master tag code to ShareASale, allowing ShareASale to attribute the conversion pixel back to the affiliate who drove the customer to your site. Make sure that the Master Tag from step 1 also loads on your confirmation page along with your pixel, as this script will append the click ID value to your pixel query string.

Master Tag Installation

Please create a custom HTML Tag. Input the following code snippet in the HTML:

<script src="!!!!!.js" type="text/javascript" defer="defer"></script>

Where !!!!! is your Master Tag ID. Replace the !!!!!! in the code with your Master Tag ID.

For merchants in the Setup Wizard, you can find this within Step 4 (Tracking Code Installation). If you are live, you can find this by navigating to MY ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT DETAILS

Account Details:

 If you cannot locate your Master Tag ID, or would like to verify that you have one, please submit a ticket to our ShareASale support staff

Trigger this tag to fire on all pages. This code sets a first-party tracking cookie named: sas_m_awin

Please Note: The master tag will need to load AFTER the conversion tracking pixel code on your website’s thank you page in order to successfully track transactions across all browsers.



Now that your tracking tags have been installed, we will need to test that everything is working as expected. To do this, we’ll simulate an Affiliate referred purchase by clicking a ShareASale test link and then running a purchase on your store. If the test is successful we’ll see a record appear in your ShareASale console, which we will VOID so that it doesn’t debit commissions from your account.

If you were emailed a link to this document, a test link may have been provided to you. If it wasn’t, you can obtain one from your account by clicking here.

NOTE: If you do not click the test link your order will not track.

The test link should direct you to your own store. Once there, please purchase any item in your store. Sometimes Merchants will have a test item worth $1.00 sale price, but above $0.00 minimum.

After the purchase is complete, navigate to in your browser and log into your account. Click Reports and then click Transaction Details from the drop-down menu.

Filter the report for Affiliate ID 178 using the panel on the left. The filtered view should now show your test purchase as an entry with today’s date.

If the order tracked successfully…

Your account is now ready to use ShareASale with your store. Please contact us at for further information about:

  • Product specific commissions (offer different commissions by product)

  • New customer incentives (offer commission bonuses for new customers)

  • Exclusive coupon codes (used for tracking conversions without link clickthrough)

If the order does not show up in the Transaction Details Report…

Please verify that you have completed all of the steps as instructed. Common mistakes include not entering the correct Merchant ID in your tracking code and forgetting to click the test link.

If after verifying all of these steps your tracking still does not work please contact our support team at

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