Part 3: Managing Affiliates - Merchant Setup Wizard Walkthrough

Managing Affiliates

Program Agreement

Your Program Agreement is a hyper-important step that you’ve got to take seriously. Here is where you lay out the terms and conditions for actions or behaviors that you do not want in your Affiliate Program. This Agreement is a Legal contract between you and your Affiliates. 

We have a blog that will explain this further for you here.

PPC Rules

Here you can decide whether you would like Affiliates in your program to bid on specific Pay-Per-Click terms. These rules can be edited at any time and we always recommend that if you have any PPC restrictions that you make sure to put them in your Program Agreement as well.

Learn more about PPC best practices here.

Auto Approval

You can choose how you would like your Affiliates to be approved into your program. By default, every Affiliate that applies to your program must be manually approved by you. This gives you a lot of control over your program and who is promoting you. We do give you the option to automatically approve Affiliates, or automatically approve them by Country. There are also optional rules that will automatically approve/deny Affiliates based on their feedback from other Merchants. 

Email Responders

Here it is folks. This is where you get a chance to engage immediately with an Affiliate that has shown interest in you. Using our automatic responders, you can reach out to Affiliates when they apply to your program and also when they are approved and/or denied. Again, you can customize this with your branding, HTML, and macros to really make them pop.

With your Approval Email, you can send out banners/links right away so that your Affiliates do not have to log into ShareASale to access them. You can also inform them of any upcoming bonuses, incentives, and really use any engaging strategy you would like to get your approved Affiliates excited and active in your program ASAP.

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