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Please find the following SquareSpace help desk article:


Following the official help desk article above, you can use the code injection feature to install ShareASale's tracking pixel. Please note, code injection is now a feature only available to customers on the premium subscriptionswith Business, Commerce, Professional, and Premium plans.

Master Tag Installation

In the Header box, copy the following code:

Code Block
<script src="!!!!!.js" type="text/javascript" defer="defer"></script>

Where !!!!! is your Master Tag ID. Replace the !!!!!! in the code with your Master Tag ID.

For Merchants in the Setup Wizard, you can find this within Step 4 (Tracking Code Installation).

For Live Merchants, you can find this by navigating to MY ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT DETAILS
Account Details:

If you cannot locate your Master Tag ID, or would like to verify that you have one, please submit a ticket to our ShareASale support staff.

Conversion Tracking Pixel Installation

1.) Open the Developer Tools Panel
2.) Click Code Injection.
3.) In order Order Confirmation Status page box, copy the following code:


Make sure that you replace the XXXXX in the code with your ShareASale Merchant ID. You can find this at the top-left of your ShareASale account when you are logged in.

Please also make sure that you replace the !!!! in the code with your Master Tag ID according to the Master Tag Installation instructions above.


If you were emailed a link to this document, a test link may have been provided to you. If it wasn’t, you can obtain one from your account by clicking here.

NOTE: If you do not click the test link your order will not track.

The test link should direct you to your own store. Once there, please purchase any item in your store. Sometimes Merchants will have a test item worth $1.00 sale price, but above $0.00 minimum.